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Busy Bees - Pollination Preparation

The locals are starting to venture out in shorts and T-shirts again which is a sign that spring is finally here!

We attribute many things to spring, one of those being all the buds opening around the region, most important of all, the flowers on our kiwifruit orchards. Flowering and pollination is right around the corner, so it is best to be well prepared ahead of time.

Those of you who have opted to arrange your own hives have hopefully done so by now.  The key thing at the moment, for these growers, is to establish a Pollination Agreement for the orchard.   These are put in place to ensure that growers and beekeepers are on the same page and to avoid any problems during a crucial period. An easy to follow template can be found on Zespri Canopy website. If you have requested that Aongatete organise your hives and your other pollination requirements, please rest assured that our pollination team will have all of this in place for you.

Take some time to check out the New Zealand Apiculture website where there are some great tips on protecting and promoting the well-being of the bees on your property.  

Remember, if you are having problems with organising hives for the pollination of your orchard (including the sourcing and application of pollen) please contact your Grower Services Rep or Robin Barker-Gilbert - Technical Support & Grower Services Rep on 027 779 5910.

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