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Hail & Frost Cover

Most growers are aware that Zespri provide Pool Hail Insurance cover. The 2019 Policy Update is now available on the Canopy website.

NZKGI have also produced an excellent overview with a link on their website.

We recommend, as growers, that you perform an annual review of your own insurance protection. It is important to ensure that your policy still suits your needs and covers repair or replacement of orchard buildings, machinery, tools, etc. Remember that these are all areas which may not be covered by your domestic insurance. Always check the small print and speak to your broker for advice. Choosing an insurer with rural experience can also be advisable.

We have recently received leaflets from AONAgri specifically mentioning their Hail & Frost cover. If you would like further information, please contact your Grower Services Rep for a copy or check out the options online.

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