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Horticulture NZ Leadership Programme 2018

The Horticulture NZ Leadership Programme 2018 is now well under way and we are proud that Clark Mazey, our Grower Services Manager, was selected to receive one of the twelve scholarships offered to the applicants.

From 34 candidates this year, a selection committee chose 18 men and women to take part. The programme is open to those who have shown leadership potential within the fruit and vegetable industry or other organisations closely related to growing. As well as offering great opportunities to network, the structure is designed to develop existing leadership skills as well as critical thinking, teamwork, communication, problem solving and personal planning.

Clark attended the first phase in early September at Lincoln University, which was a four-day, intensive, residential course with an overall focus on the skills required of an effective leader. The second phase is self-directed learning, intended to help utilise the skills they have all acquired to produce a personal Leadership Development Plan. The plan incorporates 3 goals leading to a leadership vision which they aim to achieve within a set timeframe.

All the scholars will present their Development Plans during the next, 3-day, phase in Wellington at the end of this month. During this stage, Clark will have the opportunity to visit the Beehive and meet the Minister of Primary Industries. He has chosen to question the Hon. Damien O’Connor on the Government’s planned innovation policies to improve the Horticultural Industry during their tenure.

We are sure you will join us in wishing Clark continued success with the programme and if you are interested in learning a little more, please visit their website.

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