Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an independently-owned coolstore and packhouse that specialise in providing innovative horticultural services, products and solutions to our clients and their kiwifruit orchards. 

Coolstore - April 1998

Coolstore - April 1998


Our Story

Aongatete Coolstores Limited was founded in 1983 by Allan Dawson and Roger Stiles. Their first step was securing the site of the old Aongatete Railway Station, alongside State Highway 2 near Katikati, and to purchase this land from New Zealand Railways. The next stage of the development was the construction of a 150,000 tray coolstore and attached pre-cooler.

Following the first successful year, a packhouse was built and Aongatete packed kiwifruit, as well as trucking fruit in from other facilities for coolstorage. 

From the late 1980's, Aongatete started to lease and manage orchards and became proactive in securing chemicals for growers at competitive prices, gaining a reputation for being both progressive and innovative.

In 1994, Aongatete began packing avocados, and developed a range of specialised techniques for the cultivation and packing of avocados. Aongatete stopped packing avocados in 2006, allowing the company to once again focus on kiwifruit.

Almost every year since the company was founded, there has been development or expansion. Aongatete continues to grow and is excited in the future of the kiwifruit industry.